Home Collection


We have a comprehensive network of problem credit negotiators, coordinated by a dedicated internal team; the property is aimed at optimizing the collection time, also through the subscription of repayment plans to the balance of the exposure, preferably guaranteed by securities.
  • Scoring / Recovering Strategies

    A preliminary study of the portfolio entrusted, allows us to provide the external official with the tools useful to the tracking and profiling of the debtor, such as the presence or not of prejudicial, any real estate interests, the ability financial resources and further news.

  • Commend

    The practices selected for the tax management are entrusted to the local authority who, in accordance with privacy regulations, will establish at the debtor's home his lifestyle, in a family context that can facilitate the success of a negotiation.

  • Indent plan monitoring

    If management is perfected by the definition of formal agreements without securities (e.g. monthly payments), the official will be assisted by internal resources, which, close to the agreed deadlines, verify compliance with the commitments made, reminders.

  • Payment reminder

    In order to try to overcome the resistance to payment by reticent customers and for all those with whom it has not been possible to confer despite the confirmation of the personal data, there are scheduled to send payment reminders by regular mail, recommended, telegrams, PEC or SMS, whose texts and frequencies can also be agreed with the sender.

  • Quality control

    Both operationally and ethically, it consists of several activities, including the turnover of the personnel involved and the rebalancing of the assignment to an additional official who will attempt to track down the debtor or define the position by employing different experience and methodology.

  • Management and report

    At the end of the management, a detailed report will be prepared that will summarize the activity carried out, outsetting the manner and time of collection or the reasons for non-payment in the event of a failure; The report is supplemented by socio-heritage information and the actual residence of the client, useful to interpret future actions. Thus structured, the report has evidential value for the deductibility of losses on receivables, as provided for by Circular number 26/E of 1 August 2013 of the Revenue Agency.