Phone Collection


Our modulated telephone business is a massive credit management service that saves time, costs and human resources. The following operating procedures are represented in a standardized manner, without considering the customizations dedicated to each client.
  • Commend

    The flexibility of our organizational structure allows us to carry out ad hoc procedures that allow the upload of practices through record paths in any type of file, via email, FTP, access to the client portal, VPN dedicated, etc. Our system supports massive data import, in a short time and safely.

  • Acquisition

    The file containing the list of locations is uploaded to our management system through a computer procedure that also aims to verify the completeness and correctness of the data and make it usable to the teams in charge.

  • Assignment

    The portfolio is assigned to the internal organizational structure, composed of Team Leader and group of operators The process involves the attribution of the work to the individual telephone operator, on the basis of pre-established parameters, taking into account the characteristics of the resources and performance they recorded in the last quarter. Generally, the allocation strategy also evaluates the characteristic of the portfolio itself, in addition to the individual's expertise.

  • Update

    In the course of the management we can receive the tracking of the receipts confirming the payments made; A daily/weekly update of the actions carried out is also extracted, then exported to the client's management application.

  • Closing Trust

    It can be done via return files produced by our system, complete with closing reports and related outcomes (negative, positive or partial); This path is then exported to the client's platform.